We sell regular bikes, too!

To many local folks, we are known as the electric bike shop. We are one of the very few shops in our area that carries electric bikes. But that’s not the only thing we do. We promote biking in all of its forms, whether electrified or not.

We carry regular bikes by Surly, Marin and Breezer, Day 6, and more, that are great for getting around on by leg power.

The owners and employees of Cycle 9 all have non-electric bikes that we ride regularly. Kristen has a nice fixie (single speed fixed gear bike) that she built up from an old road bike. Morgan rides a 1×9 mountain bike that she built up from a Soma Juice frame, a Lemond racing bike, a Fat Chance Yo Eddy mountain bike, and a Downtube folding bike. Elise rides a Bridgestone MB-1 with slick tires and moustache handlebars. And Chris rides an ANT bike. Erika rides her commuter bike with her neato panniers everywhere.

We all love and ride regular bikes, and we can help you pick the right bike, whether electrified or not.

We specialize in road bikes that are meant for people who ride every day or long distances. We carry the Surly Long Haul Trucker, an excellent bike for someone who wants the efficiency of a road bike without the discomfort of a racing bike. We carry the Surly Cross Check – a light, versatile bike that can be used on or off road. We are building up a Surly 1×1 commuter for a customer, using the Nuvinci Continuous variable transmission. His bike will have the simplicity and low maintenance of a single speed, with the benefit of having gears for some of the steep hills he rides every day.

We can even order racing bikes for folks who like the one of the great models offered by Marin or Soma Fabrications. We like racing bikes, though we only have limited floor space, so don’t have them on the floor. We also like the Marin Alp bikes, since they provide the speed of a road bike but the more upright riding position of a mountain bike.

We can help you find the right biking solution, whether you are looking to go with only leg power, or want/need a bit of a boost from an electric assist.

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