Surly Big Dummy: We interrupt this programming!

We interrupt the regularly scheduled program to bring an important announcement…


frames are here!

Well, okay, that’s a bit of hyperbole, we got too excited…

We shouldn’t say “frames” but “frame”. Demand on the Big Dummy has been so high that Surly is only allowing bike shops to get one per week. And only 18” frames are available right now.


we do have one 18” Surly Big Dummy frame
on the way
(in the shop now), that is not yet spoken for
Update: we also have a 16” and 22” frame on the way.

What is a “Big Dummy?”

It is a longtail frame designed by the folks at

to be the be-all end-all of cargo carrying bikes. It is like an Xtracycle on steroids. It is designed to accept all the neat components designed for Xtracycle, including:

– Freeloaders (mega expandable panniers)
– Wideloaders (carry large loads like TV, computers, furniture, boxes, etc)
– Long loaders (carry a kayak, lumber, or ladder on your bike)
– Footsies (carry a passenger in comfort and style on your bike)
– Bike powered blender (make margaritas or smoothies with leg power)
– Bike rack (carry your road bike on your bike)

We can sell the bare frame, or we can do a complete build up of your dream longtail bike. Possible component sets range from Deore (about $800 plus Xtracycle accessories cost plus labor costs) up to XTR or SRAM X.9. If you have us do the complete build, we give a substantial discount.

We’ll post some pictures here as soon as the frame arrives.

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