Surly Big Dummy

In other news: The
is a new frame from Surly that is designed from the ground up as a
While the Xtracycle is a conversion for an existing bike, the Big Dummy is fine tuned and purpose built. It accepts all the cool Xtracycle gear, like the V-racks, freeloaders, leg-powered blender, and more. Everyone I know who owns one thinks it is the best bike they have ever owned, and some of these folks own a bunch of bikes. Sadly, the Big Dummy rapidly sold out everywhere after the first container arrived in the US. That was before Cycle 9 was off the ground, so we missed out on it that time. But, Surly is working to get more of them here. We hear rumors of August. If the last time was any indicator, they could sell out rapidly.

This time, Cycle 9
be working hard to get some of the Surly Big Dummy frames into the store when the next shipment arrives. Our goal is to have at least one demo model for people to test ride before they buy.
So, if you want one, drop us a line, we can put you on the waiting list, and the top names on that list will be the first ones called when the frames arrive. We are also happy to spec out a custom package of components to go with the frame (Shimano or Sram), and as a fellow enthusiast, we’ll treat you well.
The Big Dummy is not inexpensive, it retails for about $900 for frame only. So a built out Big Dummy will retail for anywhere from ~$1450-$1900 depending on the quality of components used. The Yuba is a great lower cost alternative (at <$900 for the complete bike), but will not be nearly as custom tailored to the individual rider.

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