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Have you ever thought about leaving it all behind and jumping on your bike for a cross-country tour? or a tour around the world? a bike tour in another country? or maybe a short tour close to home? Think you don’t have time? Don’t know how to get started? or maybe “I’ll get around to it SOMEDAY….”

Listen to the amazing interviews in this series and you’ll discover everyday people who decided


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“It was clear to me that the wolf was going to catch me, and I began fumbling for the bear repellent in my handlebar bag, riding as hard as I could all the while so as to buy some time..”

Hear the story of Riding The Spine, 3 men who left Prudhoe Bay, Alaska with their sights set on the Southermost tip of South America.

In July 2006, Jacob, Goat and Sean began in Alaska and have since pedaled over 34,000 kilometers, passed through 14 countries, arriving in Ushuaia on January 10, 2010 after 3.5 years of travel.

Instead of riding along the PanAmerican Highway, their unique journey brought them along the dusty, muddy and difficult dirt roads and trails that criss-cross the continental divide – the longest contiguous mountain range in the world; hence their name: Riding the Spine.

Living off as little money as possible and seeking adventure along the way, they cooked their own food, wild camped most every night, and found themselves looking back on some truly epic moments: being chased by a wolf in Alaska, riding for months in snow/subzero temperatures, getting held at gunpoint by the military during a drug bust in the Copper Canyon (just to name a few!)

I’ll be talking with Goat, a lifelong adventurer who also has a penchant for minimal footwear…

At the top of Tajumulco Volcano, Riding the Spine
At the top of Tajumulco Volcano

“Our trip has been about making a lifestyle out of something you love. It has been about taking that tiny dirt road you may pass by everyday and wonder where it goes. Sometimes it is about ridding yourself of a routine, and discovering where chance may take you – into the lives of new friends and hospitality or into dangerous and challenging circumstances. And yet, every time I think I grasp the purpose of our journey, as if it materializes in the reflection of still water, when I reach down to grab ahold, the object suddenly vanishes..” — Jacob of Riding the Spine

You don’t want to miss this incredible interview! I can’t wait to hear about their wild adventures as well as more mundane questions like what did they eat and how did they handle bike breakdowns in the middle of nowhere? For a really “Out There” story, tune in.

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These inspiring people will share their stories of:

  • why they decided to go on a bike tour,
  • where and what they did,
  • what they learned along the way,
  • what mistakes they made, and
  • if they did it all again, what would they do differently?

You’ll here from people young and old, from a traveling musician, to a couple who sold everything to live off their bikes and travel the country, to a couple guys who mountain biked from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego. You’ll be inspired by their incredible stories of adventure and self discovery.

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Previous Interviews:

Jon Watts: Traveling Musician, Quaker, Poet

Hear the story of Jon Watts, a Quaker musician who undertook his latest music tour via an Xtracycle Radish cargo bike. Jon had no previous bike touring experience, but decided it was the best way to travel 600 miles from Richmond, VA to Boston. Why? He says:

“It would be easy for me to spout off a guilt-based justification about how quickly our society is killing the Earth, and how each of us is individually contributing a great deal to that destruction… And it would be true…But the deeper reason why [is because]… I find driving, for all of it’s convenience, to be spiritually deadening.” – J.W.

Jon Watts and his Xtracycle Radish Bike
Jon Watts and his Xtracycle Radish

Along the way, Jon encountered killer geese, confusing roads, bad knees, and broken equipment, but also serenity, music, and some surprisingly beautiful places along the busy east coast corridor. Register below to find out if he made it to the end…and if he would do it again!

Russ Roca and Laura Crawford: The Path Less Pedaled

Quit your job, sell your stuff, and change the way you LIVE. That’s just what Russ and Laura did when they left Portland, Oregon for an open-ended journey of discovery. It just happened to be from the back of a bike

“Instead of investing in a corporate job, mortgage, a retirement plan, we decided to invest in ourselves.” —    Laura Crawford

Russ Roca and Laura Crawford of The Path Less Pedaled
Laura and Russ

We talked with Russ and Laura near then end of their 14 month journey around the United States, where they experienced adventure and met all kinds of unique an interesting people in the bike world an out.

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