Used Xtracycle bikes – save big on a sports utility bike

In addition to a used Big Dummy, we have two Xtracycle equipped bikes for sale. (**11/30/09 – These bikes have been sold. We do sell used cargo and xtracycles occasionally, so stay posted, or join our email list for more info)

First up is a bike that was sold to a customer, used less than 10 times, then returned by the customer because she wasn’t able to use it. This is a Marin San Rafael Euro (now called the EZ Step), wedded to an Xtracycle Freeradical kit. Brand new, this setup retails for about $1,100. We are offering this used for $790 – over $300 off the normal price, for a very lightly used bike. The frame is 17″, designed for someone who is in the low to mid 5′ range, height wise. Please drop us a line if you are interested. Here are some pictures:

Marin Stinston Euro Xtracycle frontMarin Stinston Euro Xtracycle rearMarin Stinston Euro Xtracycle rear topIMG_0007IMG_0008IMG_0009IMG_0010IMG_0011IMG_0012IMG_0013IMG_0014

Second up is Morgan’s own used Xtracycle. She is building up a new Big Dummy for herself, with a slick continuously variable transmission by Nuvinci. So, sadly, her trusty Xtracycle rig has to go. This is a classic – based on a pink 1992 Stumpjumper frame made with Tange Prestige tubing and matching Specialized rigid fork. The bike has Deore XT components, a really nice Bontrager road triple crankset, platform pedals, and of course, the Xtracycle. Morgan is asking $525 for this, so it is like getting a used Xtracycle kit for $350 and bike for $175. Or something like that. Did I mention that it has the very comfortable Nitto Albatross bars? Or the SweetSkinz nightwing tires?

This bike setup is ideal for a tall(ish) person, 5’11-6’3 or thereabouts. Drop us a line if you’d like to see the bike, or inquire about having it shipped.


Now is a great time to get one of these – last summer, these were sold out nationwide for three months.

Gas will get expensive again….

6 thoughts

  1. Great Deal !
    That bike is nice. I wish I could buy it. My son wants a car : (

    This would be a very cool car killer!


  2. I would love to get a price on a used Xtracycle Kit,
    I volunteer at a bike co-op called the “Bikerowave” here on the West Side of Los Angeles (Mar Vista).
    A couple of guys roll by on their Xtracycle’s, and there are a couple Big Dummy’s too…
    but I need one to pick my son up from school, or tow his bike to school and we can ride home together…
    Let me know if you canhook a brother up !!!

  3. It is rare for us to get used xtracycles in, and they tend to go extremely quickly! I think most people sell them on Craigs list or such. There is another shop in town that has an Xtracycle (used) on consignment, but the owner has it attached to a classic old frame and is asking $800 for the combination. It’s in great condition, but I think will be hard to sell that way. Put out the word on Xtracycle’s lists as well and maybe something will come up!

  4. hi
    i live in Brisbane and have a used xtracycle for sale. its fitted to a road bike and is in very good condition. i have had it for 4 years, bought it new from The Bicycle Revolution in West End. the price is $425, can send pictures to any interested people.


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