Bikes by Breezer and Marin

We just wanted to mention another exciting development we’ve had lately. We had the great fortune of signing on to be a dealership for two great lines of bicycles. Some people don’t need an electric assist or cargo bike, they just need a reliable, great ride designed from the ground up for riding every day. Things like integral
fenders and racks
, integral
lighting systems
, swept back handlebars for reduced wrist strain, a more upright riding position to see and be seen, wide slick tires that roll fast on the pavement but can handle the gravel or grass too. These are the kind of bikes that we used to morph our old mountain bikes into with a lot of effort and not always satisfactory results. But now, these companies are doing it for us, designing the bikes from the ground up, purpose built as transportation bicycles.

The first line we’ll mention (because we signed up with them first) is

. This California-based company was founded by Joe Breeze, who is one of the legends involved in getting the sport of mountain biking off the ground. They now focus exclusively on bicycles as beautiful but practical commuting vehicles. Bikes like the
pictured here:

We’re excited about these bikes, they are well built and top rated for commuting. We have a bunch of these on the way, and they should be here before our grand opening.The second line of bikes we will be carrying are from
. Marin is another California-based company that was involved in the mountain bike business from the early days, building high quality cycles. One of our parents had their first Marin in 1987, and it was a great bike. Marin still makes mountain bikes, but they also produce a really nice line of commuter and comfort oriented bikes, and we’ve got a shipment of these on the way, starting at very reasonable prices. But the bike we’re most excited about is the humble
. This is a steel bike, that reminds us of the good old days when bikes were simple, reliable, and very durable. For those who’ve only ridden an aluminum bike, steel has a special quality to it – it is more forgiving. But, this is also a great platform for adding an electric assist due to steel’s resilience. We have a range of bikes from Marin on their way, and if we don’t have the bike in stock that you are looking for, we are happy to order one for you (same is true for Breezers).

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