Why we are so far out

The title may have made it sound like we were going to talk about our groovy 70’s inspired psychedelic lava lamps… but no.

Actually, the title refers to the more concrete issue of our location. We are kind of “far out,” in terms of being out of town.

Why did we do that? Well, when we opened the shop, we weren’t sure how ready this area was for a bicycle shop like ours. We figured that it might be a while before walk-in traffic really pays for itself, and that in the meantime we’d continue doing the web business. So we looked for a location that had a relatively low rent, but was still close enough to Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and the NC Triangle that people who want to visit can visit us. We didn’t want to start out in the high-rent district, if we were going to have to pay the rent out of our own pockets. Fortunately, that hasn’t happened.

The good thing about being a small business is that we are flexible and can adapt quickly. We have had the store open for a few months now, and it is clear there is interest from the local community. It is also pretty clear that this kind of store is needed and wanted in this area. So we are looking strongly at a move that would bring the shop into town (probably Carrboro).

Besides, there are some other reasons we’d like to be in town:
– It is kind of ironic to have a transportation-focused bike shop, to which most people end up driving to get there!

– We like the idea of being part of a community, and community events. Being in town would make that a lot easier

– It can get a bit lonely out in the “middle of nowhere” as one customer put it

So, anyway, we’ll post more here as soon as we know more. We are looking for a suitable space with reasonable rent. If anyone has any great ideas on that,


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