New Store open Tuesday, Dec 9

We’re getting closer on the new retail store, but we’re still finishing some renovations on the building, waiting for the power company to turn the power on, and will be moving in this weekend. So, we anticipate being able to open the doors on Tuesday, December 9. We’ll still be getting organized, but you can see and ride our bikes and check out what we’ve got on special for your holiday shopping. See you then!

2 thoughts

  1. So did it happen? Thought I might try to make it over while I had access to my wife’s car but it didn’t happen. Soon though.

  2. Hi Jeff,
    Well, it “sort of” happened. We were there…and most of the bikes/gear was there… but there was a goofup with the power company, so the heat wasn’t on, and the drywaller hadn’t finished…(we have been promised both will be rectified tomorrow, Wednesday). We’ll be in operation for regular hours for the rest of the week… Feel free to stop by if you don’t mind a slightly unfinished look… or if you do, we’ll announce a grand opening date soon, when things are really complete.

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