Bicycle Touring

At Cycle 9, we specialize in bicycle touring! We are pleased to offer a number of products in store that you won’t find anywhere else. Not sure what bicycle touring is?

Touring is…

…a form of long-distance cycling that places emphasis on enjoyment and endurance over speed and elapsed time. Touring can be supported – equipment and necessities are carried by a support vehicle or arranged in advanced – or self contained – the cyclist carries everything they will need with them throughout the duration of the ride.

Bicycle touring allows riders to slow down, reconnect with their surrounding environment and seek adventure all while enjoying valuable exercise.

Outfitting at Cycle 9

Cycle 9 prides itself on being the best touring shop for miles around! Our knowledgeable staff includes two long-distance touring veterans. Tod and Kristen will be happy to entertain any questions you might have. Tod is an active tour leader and has led cross-country trips on three separate occasions. Kristen has completed several long-distance tours, including a ride from North Carolina’s westernmost town to the beautiful shores of the Outer Banks.

We proudly boast the highest quality touring bikes and equipment in stock for you to see. We have the flagship of touring bikes – the Surly Long Haul Trucker – available to ride in an assortment of different sizes.



Surly Long Haul Trucker


There exist many resources for those starting out in touring. The Adventure Cycling Association leads the charge in providing great articles, routes, maps and a wealth of general information for beginners and veterans alike. Touring journals, used equipment, advice and anecdotes can all be found on Crazy Guy on a Bike. Additionally, Bicycle Touring 101 provides excellent insight into bicycle camping and gear reviews.

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